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The International Postponed Until 2021

Entering May, Dota 2 fans are usually already anxious, because it means that there are only 3 months left before the biggest Dota 2 helicopter, The International. In addition to offering high-quality Dota 2 matches from the world’s top teams, the one that makes Dota 2 The International highly anticipated is the Battle Pass content, which not only provides hundreds of interesting content but also helps The International become an esports tournament with the largest total prize in world.


But, we don’t seem to be able to enjoy these habits in 2020. Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic issue that made things all the more uncertain, Valve announced that Dota 2 The International 2020 was postponed. Quoting from the official release, Valve expressed uncertainty to mention the date of the International Dota 2.

“We have seen the possibility of the implementation date, but the biggest possibility for this event will be held in 2021. Seeing the unstable situation due to the prohibition of holding a gathering, virus distribution, and travel ban policy, we cannot expect much to communicate the exact date in the near future. forward.” Valve said through the release.


The COVID-19 pandemic has had a lot of impact on the Dota 2 ecosystem so far. Previously, Valve also announced the cancellation of several Dota Pro Circuit events in March 2020. Valve also said they would make adjustments to the DPC structure until next June 2020, and said they would provide more information about this event.


Valve also provided information about the Battle Pass in the announcement. They say that the Battle Pass will still be present, even though The 10th International will not be held in 2020. This year’s Battle Pass will continue to maintain tradition, with 25% of the proceeds from sales going to the 10th prize of The International to be held in 2021.


“However, considering that our team works from home, the Battle Pass will take longer to complete. So the Battle Pass release date will be a few weeks slower than usual. ” Valve closed announcements about The International, DPC, and Battle Pass.


Let us pray that things will gradually improve soon, so that various esports events can return to running smoothly, and we can move on as usual again.

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