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Vainglory PC – Better Graphic Quality

Some time ago, one of the best-selling MOBAs, Vainglory, released a Windows and Mac-based PC version on February 14, 2019. Super Evil Megacorp uses E.V.I.L. Cross-Platform that allows players on PC and mobile to fight in the same arena. On the one hand, questions arise from fans who have never tried this game. Is the balance maintained between the PC and mobile versions? Is the PC version capable of giving a different sensation than the mobile version?

Although different platforms, Super Evil Megacorp announced that they have carried out balancing between the two platforms, so there is no gameplay difference between Vainglory PC and mobile.


The User Interface from the initial appearance of Vainglory PC has no difference whatsoever with the mobile version. Although different platforms, the PC version still uses the “Tap Here” mechanism to start the game or choose another menu. This is one of the balances carried out by Super Evil Megacorp between these two platforms.

For now, Vainglory PC is still in the Alpha phase. That is, for the future there will be a number of updates that still follow. Even so, KINCIR had time to try to play the PC version to find out if there were gaps between the two platforms.


For the PC version of the gameplay problem, you have to use the right button to determine the location you want to go to. Then by itself the hero you are using will walk in that direction. The same thing is done when you want to clean wave creeps or hit enemies.

Meanwhile, to more easily lock the target, you can press the A button and your hero will automatically hit the target that has the lowest HP or the closest one. For the use of skills, you can use the Q, W, E keys on your keyboard, to sprint you can put the number key 1.

Seeing in terms of controls that exist on the PC version, there is no difference much with the mobile version. The difference is only found when you change the control settings to tapping mode or console. On a PC, you can use both modes directly. However, still these advantages are not an advantage for PC players. Because this is very influential on the comfort of the player in choosing the mode that will be used in the fight.


In terms of graphics, these two platforms clearly have differences. The PC version displays better graphics than the mobile version. This is due to the specifications of the two platforms that are far different. So it’s only natural if the Vainglory PC graphics problem is superior.

For the record, this advantage also only covers the details of the hero and map. There is no influence on map area or fog problems. The PC and mobile versions have the same limited visibility. Even though you play on a wider PC screen, visibility will remain the same.

The balancing done by Super Evil Megacorp on the PC version is quite good. The aspect of control and the mechanism of gameplay between the two platforms have the same limitations. This is reasonable considering the mobile version of PlayerVainglory is worried that there will be certain advantages on the PC version such as using an emulator. Because, the emulator will make it easier for you in terms of better control precision and other advantages that make you superior to playermobile.

Of course this PC version of Vainglory is different from the emulator. When you play using an emulator like Nox and Bluestack, you will have better control than playing on a cellphone. You will not get this cheating advantage in the PC version of Vainglory.


The merging of these two platforms can be said as a long-term plan from SEMC. Especially if this breakthrough aims to create a large-scale tournament for Vainglory. Moreover, this game has been included in the list of Indonesian esports games and does not rule out the possibility that the interest of gamers towards Vainglory will increase with the presence of cross-platform.


However, overall there is nothing new from the PC version. Except for better controls and graphics, almost everything feels the same as the mobile version. Even so, this still won’t reduce the competency of this game considering the cross-platform goals that have been explained.

How do you think about cross-platform from Vainglory? If you have already played this game on mobile and PC, please share your playing experience.

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