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Valorant Will Record In-Game Voice Chat to Prevent Toxic Environment

It is no longer a surprise if a serious and competitive game like Valorant will be flooded by players with toxic behavior. This can reduce the level of pleasure of players, especially those who are victims of full voice chat with harsh talk. Riot Games plans to take toxic players more seriously in the future by recording the players’ conversations throughout the match.

“We know that bad behavior using voice chat has become a concern for many players, and we are committed to dealing with it as soon as possible,” wrote the developer via the official blog. “In order for us to take action against players who use voice communication to harass other players, use hate speech, or simply spoil the playing experience, we need to know what these players are saying.”

Not only players who report toxic community problems, developers from Valorant themselves also comment on the same problem. The UX designer from Riot Games also shared his bad experience playing the game in which he was involved. and that was the case last year.

Executive producer Anna Donlon explained through a series of tweets on Twitter that toxic behavior has become a tough culture in competitive gaming and is not limited to Valorant. Therefore, he wanted to take a serious step against that culture by actively recording all the conversations that existed in each comparison.

Riot Games will not actively monitor all matches, but only record voice activity from matches where voice abuse is reported. Players can also avoid this recording system, but they have to completely turn off their voice-chat feature which is a bad idea for a teamwork based game like Valorant and can also trigger team clashes because you are “mute” and don’t give callouts.

Can this voice chat recording be the definitive solution in fighting the toxic gaming community? We will see later.

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