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Video Game and Why We Love Them

What makes the game so addictive? Like other addictions, addiction to playing games is a multi-faceted problem. Video game designers are always looking for ways to make their games more interesting and people feel comfortable playing the game. They want people who play games they never want to stop playing.

Therefore, they design games that may be easy to play but more challenging, players are made difficult to win so they are challenged to continue playing. In this case, the design of a video game is similar to the design of a casino gambling, so the players’ chances of winning are very small so they continue to play.

There are several attractions that are incorporated into the game with the aim that players become ‘addicted’ to play, including:

High score

Ever played the PacMan game? High scores are one of the tricks used to get people to continue playing. The desire to beat the highest score will appear (although the score you want to beat is your own score), this makes players feel at home playing for hours.

Beat the Game

This trick can be found in almost every game system, but not in online role-playing games. People are made to beat the game to be a “top level” player or look for the next hidden clue.


In role-playing games, players don’t just play. They can create characters in the game and start a unique adventure with these characters. As a result, there is an emotional attachment to the character, and the story offered by the game makes it more difficult to stop playing.

Search mission

Exploring or searching for tactics is the most used trick in role-playing games. The most popular online game today is, for example, World of Warcraft. In this game players will spend a lot of time exploring the imaginary world. The sensation offered is search (even though the places don’t really exist).


This is mainly for online games. Online role-playing games allow people to build relationships with other players. For some children, this online community is the most fun place because they feel welcome, this makes them want to go back to playing, again and again.

Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) can also be very addictive because there is no end. Unlike standard games like Super Mario Brothers, where the player wins when he saves the princess, in MMORPG the player does not save the princess.

Other factors that make a person / child become addicted to games are because of boredom, relationships with family members are not harmonious, feel wasted at school or not noticed at home. These factors make it easier for someone to become addicted to the game to fill the emptiness of the soul and meet the needs they cannot get from other places.

In addition to psychological factors, it is said that there are physiological elements that make a person addicted to playing games. Researchers at Hammersmith Hospital in London conducted a study in 2005 and found that dopamine levels in players’ brains doubled when they played games. Dopamine is a hormone that regulates moods related to feeling happy. The findings of this study indicate that games can really be addictive.

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