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Xenoblade Chronicles 2: a Stunning JRPG Game

2017 is Nintendo’s year, this one sentence cannot be denied. To ensure that they did not repeat the same mistakes that occurred on the Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo managed to make the game lineup released the first year Switch ended fantastic. Not only bombarded with indie games that try their luck here, but also exclusive game projects with qualities that cannot be underestimated. Cool again? This happens throughout the year. Opened with Breath of the Wild, filled with Splatoon 2, reinforced with Super Mario Odyssey, and finally closed with one of the most anticipated exclusive games for JRPG lovers gamers – Xenoblade Chronicles 2. A game with a hum of low popularity, but provoked curiosity big.

Those of you who have read our preview regarding Xenoblade Chronicles 2 seem to have a pretty clear picture about the game formulated by Monolith Soft. We pay special attention to the design of the character, especially for the seductive female protagonist, as well as the battle system that resembles MMO but with slower pacing. Trope anime cliches are scattered and feel so familiar, above a world that holds mysteries and challenges while waiting to be conquered. There is also a lot of busyness that you can pursue through a series of side missions offered. Admittedly, this execution is indeed imperfect. Some felt right on target, but others deserved their own criticism.

So, what is actually offered by Xenoblade Chronicles 2? Why do we call it an imperfect game that is still tempting? This review will discuss it more deeply for you.

Although getting the name “2” in it, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has no direct relationship with Xenoblade Chronicles which was released for the Nintendo Wii and also Xenoblade Chronicles X which was released for Nintendo Wii U. There will be one clear red thread that links at least two series, but not how significant it is to force you to, taste everything first. This is a game with clear separate story lines.

In a world called Alrest, life is no longer active and grows above the ground. Almost all living things, including humans in it, live on the back and body parts of giant monsters named Titan who never get tired, to move over the sea of ​​clouds. You act as a Scavenger named Rex, who, as the name of his job, is tasked with “diving” into past civilizations to explore the technology that can be sold to collectors. Rex himself lives on a smaller size Titan that he calls “Gramps” or grandfather.

But unfortunately, Alrest is a world that is heading for destruction. That like other living things, these large-sized Titans are living things that can age and die. While on the other hand, civilization and the countries that are formed also do not make things better. The war continued and it was at risk of accelerating the death of the Titans. With the limited remaining Titan and the war still going on, hopes of finding a solution to save Alrest appeared in Rex’s mind. Legend has it that the only way to do this is to climb a giant towering tree in the middle of the world – World Tree. Reportedly, at the top of the tree there lived a mysterious person named Architect who was the source of all kinds of life at Alrest and believed to be able to restore the world to its proper form.

Rex’s dream of reaching the World Tree and saving Alrest into an irrational dream became possible in a short time. A job that promises large amounts of money places it in a group containing characters such as Jin, Malos, and Nia. The three new members hired Rex to take a treasure in the ruins of ancient civilizations. This trip opened Rex’s eyes to a technology he never knew. At the end, he saw a figure of a graceful woman locked behind a glass. Before being able to dig up further information, Jin’s sword unsheathed his heart, and Rex was killed.

But Rex’s contact with the woman behind the glass gave rise to a second chance that sounded like a miracle. The woman who has the name Pyra turns out to be a Blade – a “living weapon” that is indeed presented in so many forms and types. Pyra is ready to give up half the life he has to revive Rex, and both will share a relationship that is no longer separated. As a replacement? Rex had to promise to take Pyra to the World Tree for a reason he didn’t understand. Both agreed, and Rex was “reborn” as a Driver – a Blade controller, which in this scenario, of course was Pyra. The two managed to repel Jin but ended up injured and stranded on a different Titan.

Save yourself and find Nia as a member of the team who also defected to help Pyra in the last conflict that occurred, a new adventure began. Slowly but surely, Rex realized that he had become an unusual Driver for a Blade. Blade, which is pursued by everyone, Blade, which is said to have fantastic abilities, Blade, who is also reported to have killed many Titans hundreds of years ago. Pyra is a magnet for problems.

So, what can be concluded from Xenoblade Chronicles 2? Calling it an inexperience that remains tempting seems like the most appropriate sentence. As a JRPG game, it is not a perfect product. But on the other hand, it offers other extra charms which, although not necessarily annihilating all the shortcomings that are still attached to him, but enough to build a list of attractions that are too dear to miss. From a battle system that actually has its own level of complexity, character design is ready to make you spoiled, to a myriad of other activities that can offer content up to hundreds of hours. If you are a gamer who is quite familiar and doesn’t mind the trope anime from characters to stories, this is a JRPG game that will satisfy what you need.

But, of course, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 still has a myriad of problems that are hard to ignore. From English voice acts that are in our ears, it feels subpar to the implementation of the RNG system to get Blade easily, triggering frustration. In the midst of design side missions that are also not special, there are a number of other things that also feel unfriendly. Like the map system he offers, for example. Instead of loading the information needed to help you complete existing side missions, for example, most of the icons offered end up not contributing much to the navigation you need. Imagine, for example, if like the map system in Far Cry, for example, it also shows what the ecosystem looks like in each region to help you hunt on side missions or there are extra tasks that you pursue.

Of course, despite these weaknesses, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 still appears as a stunning JRPG game. Even though it is not perfect, it carries an attraction that will be hard to ignore. A JRPG game that offers hundreds of hours of content gameplay, with super tempting character designs, evocative stories, and a fairly complex gameplay system. A “classic” JRPG appeal in a unique and different format.

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