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Yakuza 6 – Adventure of Kazuma Kiryu

Kazuma Kiryu is back in action in the latest Yakuza franchise iteration. Since the beginning SEGA has confirmed that this series will be the end of the long journey of the Dragon from the Dojima family. Reinforced by the latest engine called Dragon Engine which invites admiration from the beginning of its introduction, what are the developments offered by SEGA for this closing series?

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The story begins after the Yakuza 5 event ends, where Haruka Sawamura, who has become the idol of the capital’s idol, has just finished his last concert. He also made a statement that surprised the public by recognizing Kazuma Kiryu as his family. After that, Haruka retreated from the entertainment world and returned to normal life.

At the same time, Kazuma Kiryu, the Dragon of the Dojima Family, has just ended the war between Yakuza from five cities. Kiryu, who was dying in the snow, was finally helped by Haruka who suddenly appeared before him. After getting treatment, Kiryu was forced to stay behind bars for three years due to his actions. As long as Kiryu made amends, Haruka returned to Okinawa to live with the orphanage he had founded with Kiryu.

Three years in prison, Kiryu was finally released and found out that Haruka had left the children in Okinawa because of an article written in the magazine. Kiryu was forced to return to Kamurocho, located in Tokyo in search of Haruka’s whereabouts. However, he had to swallow the bitter pill again by accepting the fact that Haruka was involved in a hit-and-run accident that made him coma in the hospital. However, there are other things that of course make Kiryu surprised, namely the presence of a baby boy named Haruto, who is believed to be the son of Haruka. Kiryu also forced the police to take care of the child. Only with the instructions in the form of a photo of Haruka, Kiryu finally decides to go to Okinawa to find Haruto’s father and find out what really happened over the past three years.

You will again play the legendary Dragon of the Dojima family and the fourth leader of the Tojo clan, Kazuma Kiryu. SEGA decided to only present Kiryu as a playable character because she was the main focus in the story. In this game, Kiryu will explore two modern cities in Japan, namely Kamurocho located in Tokyo and Onomichi Jingaicho located in Hiroshima. For you veterans, you may already be very familiar with the city of Kamurocho, where the city offers so much entertainment and dreams for its residents. This sparkling city is also dominated by top Yakuza and their allies. The second city is Onomichi Jingaicho, a port city with a fairly quiet and calm atmosphere. Nevertheless, even in this city there are several Yakuza families that move businesses from behind the scenes.

After being trapped for a long time using an engine that is considered quite outdated, Yakuza 6 introduces a new engine called Dragon Engine. Being the first trial in engine change, of course he is still far from perfect. However, he gave new hope for the subsequent Yakuza studio games.

The main story of this game is still divided into chapters in sequence. You can run the main mission to continue the main story. Besides the main mission, there are dozens of side missions and random missions called Troublr Mission. Kiryu will get a variety of information about social problems by utilizing the smart phone technology she has. In addition, with the GPS feature, you can mark the destination point to show directions. Thanks to Dragon Engine, now the atmosphere of the city of Kamurocho feels more alive, where residents feel more active than before. The increase is quite significant, where cars and taxis can pass on the road along the city, unlike previous series where taxis were only seen static throughout Kamurocho.

For random battles, there is no loading screen during the transition from adventure to battle. He looks so flowing and merges into one unit. Those of you who are new to the Yakuza series through the 0 or Kiwami series, may be a little surprised by the new battle system because he no longer applies the mechanism of the horses that can be changed during the game. Kiryu only has one horse with fewer attack variations than before. However, this did not in the least reduce the preoccupation in playing. During the fight, Kiryu can still utilize various available objects such as bicycles, hammers, boards, chairs or tables to be used as weapons. We consider that a bicycle is one of the most effective weapons, because it can defeat many of the Croco enemies in one swing.

As usual, Kiryu has two bars including Health and Heat Gauge. When the Heat Gauge is filled with at least one bar, Kiryu can activate Extreme Heat Mode which makes it glow blue and get stronger. During this condition, Kiryu can launch a combo that ends with the ultimate attack. In addition to these modes, Kiryu can still launch ultimate situational attacks, depending on the conditions or weapons being held. What’s interesting is that during the fight, you can move places without seeing a loading screen. For example, if you are fighting on the roadside, you can enter the mini market and continue the fight there. As a result, the mini market will fall apart and the cashier will react like fear or anger to you. One thing we complained about was the fragility of Kiryu who was now old enough to fight. He easily collapsed when he received an attack from a loose nickname. This makes you have to often run and avoid when facing enemies in massive numbers.

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